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It’s a good feeling to know that you can safely enjoy your neighborhood with family and friends. It's peace of mind to know that you live in a city that values its parks, improves its infrastructure, welcomes new business and development. But unknown to many,there is hidden danger just below the surface in every town, that if exposed, may dramatically disrupt life on every corner.
得知自己的家人和朋?#35328;?#31038;区内安全地生活,这总会让您有不错的心情。您会倍?#34892;?#24944;地看到自己的城市正在大力发展公园建设,不断提升基础设施水平,欢迎新企业的投资兴建。但是很多人不知道的是,在我们的城镇地下[U1] ,[U1] 有着潜在的危险。一旦危险爆发,会严重影响生活的每个角落。英语翻译公司
All it takes is one person who decides to risk it all, without taking the time to make one free phone call. Pipelines have been broken, leveling entire city blocks, homes and valuable property, because no one called. Gas lines have been ruptured, destroying equipments and emergency communications because no one called. Water lines have been severed, seriously disrupting services to thousands of homes and businesses, because no one called.
而导致这一切发生的原因,仅仅是某些人宁愿甘冒[U2] 风险也不愿意花点时间来打一个免费电话。输油管道破裂了,将整个?#26234;?#30340;房屋和财产夷为平地,只是因为没有人打这个电话。输气管道破裂了,毁掉?#31169;?#24613;通讯设施,也仅仅是因为没有人打这个电话。自来水管道裂开了,严重地导致数以千?#39057;?#23478;庭或企业供应中断,还是[U3] 因为没有人打这个电话。
And tragically hundreds of innocent people have been injured and killed, because no one called. Sadly almost all of these costly accidents might have been prevented if the homeowner, contractor or professional excavator made one very important phone call –To Digalert. Underground service alert is a non-profit mutual benefit organization. Its membership consists of cities, counties, public utilities, water agencies, cable TV operators, and others who have underground facilities.
更悲?#19994;?#26159;,数以百?#39057;?#26080;辜的人受伤或丧生,还是因为没有人打这个电话。我们很遗憾地说,[U4] 所有这些让我们付出高昂代价的事故,本来是可以被避免的。只需您、业主,承包商或者职业挖掘者拨打一个非常重要的电话——打给Digalert。地下设备警报组织是一个非营利性公益组织,其成员包括城市乡村的公共事业公司、水务公司、有线电视运营商,及其他?#26800;?#19979;设施的组织。
Its sole purpose is to ensure that all underground facilities are properly located and marked, preventing costly damages and service interruptions. Safe digging is everybody’s responsibility. And underground service alert makes it very easy to do-just call Digalert two working days in advance of your excavation and it will do good work to you. Whether you are involved in a small backyard project on private property or a large commercial excavating contract, one toll-free call can keep you, the job side, and the neighborhood, and the city safe from unexpected disruptions or disasters.
In 1976, a Los Angeles construction crew was working on Venice Boulevard in Culver City when they accidentally hit a petroleum pipeline.
“At first the heat was so intense that it was very difficult to get near the fire.” Brian Haimer
The fire ball rolled over 200 feet into the air, fed by liquid gasoline pumping at 400 gallons a minute. Culver City fire department photographer Brian Haimer witnessed the devastation.
“Cars were caught in the midst of the fire and had melted down, and houses and buildings all along the boulevard were fully involved in the fire. It was a very devastating situation, very much like a war zone.”
The fire storm killed nine people, and an entire city block was burned to the ground, causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage.
“从一开始火势就很猛,很难靠近火灾现场。”布莱恩 海默
3 months after the disaster, underground service alert was formed.
“As safety director for all construction, having 47 jobs going on in various counties all over southern California, having Digalert in the one call system is critical to what I do. I mean it's a resource that I can’t live without.” Dave Little, Roel Construction
It is truly and simple. But since it’s the beginning of millions of phone calls to underground service alert, nearly half of all damages in Southern California are still caused by unintentional digging by uninformed or noncompliant citizens.
“Our main repairs during the day are because people don’t call in for Digalert. We have a BMB broken and blown gas line and our crews respond to those. Most of the time it’s from, you know, just services that somebody is doing something in their yard and didn’t even realize that they were supposed to call.”
“作为整个建筑业的安全指导,我在加州47个县城都从事过工作,将Digalert纳入“一呼通”系统对我现在的工作来说是非常重要的。?#19994;?#24847;思是说这已经成为了我工作中不可或缺的?#34892;?#36164;?#30784;?rdquo;大卫 里特尔,罗埃尔建筑公司
“我们每天大多数[U5] 的修理工作都是由于人们不给Digalert打电话而导致的。我们有个BMB管道破裂了,我们的员工去修?#30784;?#22823;部?#36136;?#38388;是因为有人在院子里施工,根本就没有意识到自己应该先打个电话。”
Digging without dialing Digalert is simply dangerous. Failure to pick up the phone and call can cause extended disruptions to cable services and fiber optical lines that carry millions of calls, including emergency 911 services.
“Let’s say you dig into a fiber optical line that controls banking, that’s very expensive, some fiber lines can be as much as a million dollars in an hour. That’s a lot of money to deal with in court.”
There was also the real responsibility of electrocution and explosion from striking a gas, power or overheated electrical facility.
“Our facilities are energized electrical lines and if you contact an electrical line with a piece of machinery, you can get electrocuted. From the same point of our own construction, it’s very important because we need to know where things could cause injury to our employees or cause problems to our customers. If you really hit a gas line, our employees could be injured. If you hit a water line, you could disrupt the water services and you could cause a big sink hole in the street. With the delay of the construction, everything would be more expensive, and people would be injured.”
The process is simple. If you plan to dig, just call Digalert at least 2 working days prior to breaking ground. When our customer service reps take the Digalert, it’s just one part of the process in trying to prevent the damages to underground lines. Once this occurs, the locator can lead you to the accurate location where the underground lines are. Jerry Davis is a locator from San Diego Gas & Electric.
“My job is very important, and prevents the homeowner, the contractor from accidentally digging into our facilities, getting hurt, damaging property, or also predict our own stuff. We have people who rely on us. For a contract who goes out and starts digging anywhere,it’s a big liability for him whether it’s fiber optics, natural gas lines, one wrong shovel full of dirt make a dig right through the gas line, which, in turn, could explode. ”
“?#19994;?#24037;作非常重要, 防止业主和承包商挖断我们的设施,自己受伤,损害财产,同时我们也能给自己的同行提供警示。对于在任?#25105;?#20010;地方需要挖掘的联系人而言,这都是为他们负责的行为,无论是光纤还是天然气管道,因为每一次错误地下铲,都可能挖断天然气管道,从而造成爆炸。”
When you call, have all the important dig information available. You will then receive a Digalert ticket number. That’s all it takes to be in compliance with law. It’s that simple. Within two working days prior to the start of excavation, facility field crews or locators will begin to arrive on scene to locate or mark their lines, using appropriate, industry standard color codes to indicate their facility. On paved areas, use other suitable markings, such as flags or sticks. It’s very important for contractors to honor the designated dig site.
打电话时,请提供所?#22411;?#25496;信息,你接着就会收到一个Digalert 作业?#21271;?#21495;。这就意味着您的挖掘是合法的了。就这么简单。在挖掘开始之前两个工作日内,设施现场员工或标记员会来到现场,定位或标记管线,他们使用业内标准的颜色代码来标记设施。在砖砌的地方,会使用其他合?#23454;?#26631;记,例如旗子或标桩。承包商必须按照标记挖掘,这一点非常重要。
“Well they know what water mains is and they know what water service is. The only thing that could go wrong is if the area expands. If it does, they need to send in another Digalert because the area has expanded and they need to have backup to do more marking.”
If there is no conflict between the delineated dig area and the facilities, the facility owner will either call you or mark the area accordingly. You will then accurately hand expose to the point of no conflict within the tolerant zone, 24 inches on either side of the buried facility.
如果所标记挖掘区域和设施之间不存在冲突,则设施主人会给您打电话或亲自上门做出标记。 接着您就可以在无冲突的?#24066;?#21306;域范围内实施精确地手工挖掘了,也就是在所埋的设施左右各24英寸的?#30710;?#22806;挖掘。
Hand exposure is very important, because people you know don’t necessarily follow the rules or follow the standards. Things are not exactly where they are supposed to be. They might be a couple of feet one way or the other and you need to see with your own two eyes to know that it is there.
If you do disobey our law here in California, you are subject to four sanctions: No. 1, you could be shut down and your permit revoked. No.2, you are subject to civil penalty of up to 10,000 dollars for negligence and up to 50,000 dollars for knowing or willful noncompliance. No.3, Cal OSHA can issue citations and fines, No 4 the contractor state license board can not only issue your citation but they also have the power to take away your license.
If you call before you dig, the responsibility shifts to the owner or operator of the underground lines. They are then required by law to mark their facilities prior to your excavation.
“Behind we had a 60-inch pressure gas line and it has 595 pounds of pressure and we dig very seriously and if somebody accidentally dug into it, there would be a disaster.”
But it’s also important to remember the compliant contractors still need to educate their heavy equipment operators that the well marked excavation sites don’t give you a free dig. You must still operate with caution, and you rely on proper hand exposure procedure when digging.
“It helps progress the job when the markings are correct, we can go down and find them dig and keep digging, if you otherwise you would be digging blind. You know, the back code is a good locator, we will find it but it will tear my boss   ” And best of all the service is free.
“如果标记正确的话,会加快工程的进度,我们可以?#19994;?#27491;确的挖掘位置并?#20013;?#25366;掘,否则的话,你就会是在盲?#23458;?#25496;。回应码[U6] 是个很好的标记,我们总会?#19994;劍?#20294;是会让?#19994;?#32769;板非常不高兴。”而最好的一点是,这个服务是免费的。
Follow the underground services alert rules and regulations will save you money in the long run, and save you some hardship. Our members fully run the one-call center at no cost to you. Plus, they pay for their locators, the paint in the flags. Don’t hesitate to call. We can take in thousands of location requests today and send out tens of thousands of transmissions without even taxing our equipment.
遵守地下设备警报的规章制度从长远来看会为您节约金钱,并帮助您避免一些困难。我们的合作成员们免费为您提供这个“一呼通”服务。他们会自行?#26800;?#23450;位器以及旗?#30001;嫌推?#30340;成本[U7] 。不要犹豫,打这个免费电话吧。我们一天之内可能会接到成千上万个定位标记请求,并数万个标记,即便是设备使用费我们也不会收取。
“Digalert is the first line of defense against underground utility accident.”
"Digalert keeps the SEGs safe and I wouldn’t do a job without it”.
“Digalert 保证SEG安全,我自己工作时肯定需要Digalert。”
And finally, every one must call, not just professionals.
There is danger below the ground in the form of utility lines. If you hit a gas line, you might have an explosion. If you cut a power line, you could get electrocuted. As you are about to see, there is a solution. And it’s free.
It was supposed to be a simple project. Dig a hole and take out the annoying tree. But the workers underestimated how deep the gas line was that was next to the house and suddenly a shovel hit it.
“I was on the other side of the house, and the excavator ran to the driveway shouting they had cut the line. And incidentally at the same time it was when I smelled all the gas and I felt it wasn’t ok, my daughter was upstairs, it was close, our house was gonna blow up in a minute. So we got out there fast.
Jullie then called the gas company who fixed the line. And she has the bill for the repairs. But it could have been much worse. We had ceases where we had explosions and leaking gas line that eternally results in a fire. And we don’t like to see that. The fact is not only you should call the Digalert, you have to call Digalert. It’s the law. And If you think that’s not enough, think of the danger.
“When you are digging in the yard, this is the last vehicle you want to have pulled out of your house. But what will happen if you don’t make that call before you dig.”
“Remember if you are going to dig, you need to call Digalert at least two days in advance. It’s the law.”
Rental yards are now spreading the words among landscapers and homeowners to have them call Digalert before digging.
“Just remember sir, before you go ahead and dig, make sure you call 1-800 number for Digalert. Ok?”
“We let all our customers know Digalerts because there is danger in gas lines, water lines, and electrical lines, and any other lines might be underground。 Whey they get ready to do the work, and they give me no bullshit and they sure have to call the Digalert number. That way, if there is any problem or danger underground, they will be aware of it.”
“我们让所有的客户知道Digalert,因为煤气管道,自来水管和电线以及任何其他地下管线可能会有危险。当他们要开挖的时候,绝不能含糊了事,他们必须拨打Digalert这个电话。这样的话,如果地下管线有任何问题或危险,他们就会提前知道。 ”
Digalert saves time, money, mostly importantly it minimizes injuries and saves lives.
“I don’t remember the last time we had an employee injured because of a digging. It helps that much. ” Underground service alert wants to eliminate these images from the southern California landscape. by working together and placing one toll-free call we can achieve success.
Digalert 节省了时间和金钱,最重要的是,将受伤和死亡的风险降到了最低。“我已经记不清[U8] 上一次员工因为挖掘而受伤是什么时候的事了。这个电话确实很有帮助。”“地下设施警报”组织地目的就是在南部加州地区将这一问题?#27807;?#26460;绝,通过共同努力建立一个“一呼通”免费电话,我们相信最终会取得成功。

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  • “我行自2017年与世联翻译合作,合作过程中十?#38047;?#24555;。特别?#34892;籎asmine Liu, 态度热情亲切,?#24515;?#24515;,对我行提出的要求落实到位,体现了非常高的专业性。”


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  • “贵公司与我社对翻译项目进行了几次详细的会?#31119;?#26399;间公司负责人和廖小姐还亲自来我社拜访,对待工作热情,专业度高,我们双方达成了很好的共?#19969;?#23545;贵公司的服务给予好评!”


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  • “自上海世博会运行以来,你们周密组织,发扬?#23433;?#24597;苦、不怕累”的精神,精益求精地做好相关工作,为世博会的顺利举行提供了全面、优?#23454;?#26381;务保障,生动?#25925;?#20102;“城市,让生活更美好”的主题”


  • “在合作过程中,世联翻译保质、保量、及时的完成我们交给的翻译工作。客户经理工作积极,服务热情、周到,能全面的了解客户的需求,在此表示特别的?#34892;弧!?


  • “我们通过图书翻译项目与你们相识乃至建立友谊,你们报价合理、服务细致、翻译质量可靠。请?#24066;?#25105;们借此机会向你们表示衷心的?#34892;唬 ?/p>


  • “很满意世联的翻译质量,交稿准时,中英互译都比较好,措辞和句式结构都比?#31995;?#36947;,译文忠实于原文。TNC是一家国际?#32321;?#32452;织,发给我们美国总部的同事后,他们反应也不错。”


  • “原英国首相布莱尔来访,需要非常专业的同声传译服务,因是第一次接触,心中仍有着一定的犹豫,但是贵司专业的译员与高水准的服务,给我们留下了非常深刻的印象。”


  • “在与世联翻译合作期间,世联秉承着“上善若水、厚德载物”的文化理念,以上乘的品质和质量,信守对客户的承?#25285;?#20986;色地完成了我公司交予的翻译工作。”


  • “由于项目要求时间相当紧凑,所以世联在保证质量的前提下,尽力按照时间完成任务。使我们在世博会俄罗斯馆日活动中准备充足,并受到一致好评。”


  • “贵公司针对客户需要,挑选优秀的译员承接项目,翻译过程客户随时查看中途稿,并且与客户沟通术语方面的知识,能够更准确的了解到客户的需求,?#32321;?#31295;件高质量。”








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